Garden Gallery - Opening

We are converting the space below my studio into a mini Gallery & Workshop! Please join us for the grand opening on Oct 31.

This event will follow proper covid-19 protocols.

Henna Style Textured Acrylic Paintings

I have been creating my one-of-a-kind acrylic paintings in my unique technique of piping paint on canvas & other surfaces from 2010 & exhibiting my works since 2012.

See my previous works at Art by Bala on Pinterest

Bala Thiagarajan, Ph. D

I create free-hand textured acrylic paintings on canvas, interplaying vibrant colors and form. My highly detailed paintings are based on geometry & inspired by henna designs. 

The symmetry of my paintings comes from a meditative practice of organic repetition & the finished pieces are full of rhythm and color. 

My color palette & the luminous glow of each painting reflects the stunning colors of silk and cotton saris worn by women in South India.

Indigo Bunting - Art by Bala

Piping Paint